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Brent Weber, Redding, California, United States

Shaking off the rainwebs Sacramento River Rail Trail FB Trailhead

Murphy has been going nuts, of course, since with rain and high wind and work we weren't able to get out and do much this week. (Thus, no activity here.) 

So we took the advice of some folks at work and decided to get a taste of a small stretch of the River to Rails Trail - this time starting in the parking lot for the trailhead just short of Keswick Dam. By the way, the Sheriff apparently likes to sit just past this corner discouraging high speeds on a dangerous curve so be safe.

Back to the run... this is definitely and I mean DEFINITELY wear your trail shoes or hiking boots. This stretch - about 1.75 m in (3,5) - is definitely mountain bike country, and there are rocks - many of them.

Also, this part is not very wide, either. So while not single track, running w the dog requires the one ear plug out method. You know, one ear on the trail so you can hear the two-wheeled chargers. 

The trail also had some light ice after this week's saturation and this weekend's lower temps, especially the first 3/4 mile or so, where it was shady.

Super nice people before, after and during the run... especially that crazy dude w no shirt on a chilly late afternoon!

Murphy had some ideas about sniffing out the creeks, etc. but definitely a place to keep him close by... and I must admit. He did do some towing up the mild hills. We were able to stretch it out nicely on the downhills, too. 

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Sacramento River Rail Trail FB Trailhead - Runmeter
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Shaking off the rainwebs Sacramento River Rail Trail FB Trailhead
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Brent Weber, Redding, California, United States
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