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Skip 0z, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Story for Beach Road No Brainer

Ahh.. after a month off weekend riding during, it was good to get back out.  It's a bit of a regular - no brainer - ride, straight down the Mordy and back.  It's the most well ridden track in Melbourne.  Mostly due to the clear run without many lights, the sea breeze, (or ghastly headwind) and the well known and friendly etiquette of individual rides, friends or pelotons regularily cruising up and down every weekend.  
I once heard that 10,000 rides could tranverse this stretch of road over a summer weekend.  The council has cleared cars from parking along it on weekends up until 11am.  You can pretty much cruise along and join any peloton, chat or stay silent depending on your thoughts.  

Nearly all riders know the pack etiquette, which makes it easy and safer. It also means riders will level up in pelotons of their speeds or naturally fall into 'rolling' even without knowing each other.  There are quite a few riders that I have riden with along this stretch that I have never actually spoken to.  But I know them from regular rides as when I return home I can see that I rode with them in the same pack.

Some days I'll just mosey along and listen to an audio book.  That was today, riding and completing an audio book set in Iceland and then some doof doof music on the way back to keep the pace going.  A great ride just to turn the legs over and get the heart rate moving up again ready for the summer. 

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Story for Beach Road No Brainer
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Skip 0z, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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