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Brent Weber, Redding, California, United States

Story for Sundial Bridge and Gardens Murphy's Lead - Runmeter

I wish this were an inspiring post, but it's an important one for me. I had been doing so well this past year, despite unprecedented (for me) professional heartbreak and personal challenges, to get moving. Connecting with the universe, running with my dog Murphy and, when he's not staying with his foster family these past few months, Billy. All of the stuff you all know good was coming from that.

And becoming fit and connected better  than I have been in more than 10 years, I expected to maintain and be buoyed forward once things got back on track personally and professionally.

Now, the adjustment to a new city and part of the country, Northern California, and a great new, challenging job. 

Winter is is the worst time or move somewhere, especially when you don't now people. And I'll equipped for running and hiking in elements, plus adjusting to a night schedule at work, well... the funk is winning.

i feel guilty when I don't get out there, first thing in the morning. There are trails right behind my house - but too muddy... across the street, but I'm too tired... blah blah waah waah.

So I'm hoping to make this a red letter week: I changed my life to become healthier and care for my body by keeping it free of pollutants 22 years ago, and I've kept that deal. So now, I just need to remember to get my ass up and move every day.

To paraphrase Will Rogers, you can't get anywhere on life's road without moving your feet.

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Sundial Bridge and Gardens Murphy's Lead - Runmeter
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Story for Sundial Bridge and Gardens Murphy's Lead - Runmeter
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Brent Weber, Redding, California, United States
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