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The illustrated book
of your sport life.

With Storyteller your memories are nicely organized in collections, visualized on clear formats and beautiful maps, easily accessible by family and friends.

Trusted by tens of thousands of athletes!

Not everyone is into
watts and leaderboards.

We made Storyteller so that your adventures can be followed by people who are not on Strava, and perhaps are more interested in how it felt riding out there. We started in 2016 and since then we’ve been refining the way to express what data can’t record.

Tell a Story Map.

A format designed specifically for telling the great outdoors. Or the local park, if you know how to make it epic.

Story Map on a tablet Story Map on a phone Your stories on a map Comments from Strava, Facebook and Google Photos magically geolocated Smooth on big and small screens

Tell a Story.

A stylish, clean blog for your adventures. Great to highlight your skills as a narrator and photographer. Record your memories with photos, videos and maps powered by the Strava data.

Stories are the original format awarded at the Strava Developers Challenge.

Sample of a Story

The travel journal
for fit people.

Just like the Tour de France, your journey is displayed on the map. Bring Storyteller along so that friends and family can be right there with you.

Plan the next adventure.

Get inspired by others. We highlight the most interesting stories around the world.

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Unlike on social media, your creations don’t get old by the day. We made Storyteller to keep your memories alive season after season.

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