Sergio Felter, Amsterdam, Netherlands - on December 7

Story for Beat the darkside - NightVisionEnglish

To run in the dark is to meet people's dark side, because nobody can...
Sergio Felter, Amsterdam, Netherlands - on December 6

Story for Nelson Mandela Park 020

5x2000mts + General Strength Exercises. 'It always seems impossible...
Robert Nav, Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico - on December 6

Story for Amatitan Trail RunSpanish

El "Trail Run" es una modalidad de las carreras atléticas (a pie) que...
Brent Weber, Redding, California, United States - on December 5

Murphy's Redding DebutEnglish

Reunited with my biggest and best four-legged friend, the one...
Sergio Felter, Amsterdam, Netherlands - on December 3

Story for Se7en

Trouble Man Performed by Marvin Gaye Written by Marvin...
Dave England, Jersey, Jersey - on November 27

The speed is still thereEnglish

I set out this morning wanting to run for an hour, then being...
James Smith, Columbus, OH, United States - on November 25

Story for Turkey Trot 5kEnglish

My goal is to break 20 mins for my 5k in 2017. I am on my way. This...
Sam Felipo Garcez, Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - on November 21

A fascite tá melhorandoPortuguese, International

Pois é. Não sei se contei sobre a minha fascite plantar ou não. Se...
Ejam Kadir, Penanjong, Tutong, Brunei - on November 18

Story for Afternoon Run

Tony Silvestri, Chicagoland , IL, United States - on November 15

Story for Thirsty Thursday Run

Thursday night group run. Since the cubs won the World Series we took...
Oytun Gür Günel, İstanbul, Türkiye - on November 15

Story for Finishing 15K in Istanbul English

There was no transportation to the start point of the race from where...
Guy Richardson, Bingley, England, United Kingdom - on November 13

Wild woods & a stag!English

Looked quite nice out today (rather than being bloody freezing!), so...
Jason Shiers, - on November 13

Isabel on the Run 5kEnglish

This is a big deal. Isabel's athletic experience is just...
Kaspar Pflugshaupt, Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland - on November 9

Life has its ups & downs…English

I needed some action today, so I ran up my standard hill. Then...
James Smith, Columbus, OH, United States - on November 7

Story for Buckeye Classic 10kEnglish

Felt great... I had some mental issues where I slowed on eagle loop...


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