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jamie witton, London , UK, United Kingdom

Misty morning run with dad. Welcome home!

Even though I'd taken a vow to have a rest week (yes... really), I had thi run pegged as the last one before that period.  My dad has just come back to the UK after a long time living and working abroad, so foggy morning run through the most iconic landmarks of London was the perfect way to say welcome home.

My calves still feel incredibly tight, but I'm hoping that regular activity outside of running, as well as stretching, will aclimatise them.  It's quite hard to see the light at the moment, but at least I have my fitness still.

We met at a local park in Wapping, from which you can usually see Tower Bridge in all its glory... Not today!  The whole of London was covered in a dense blanket of Fog thanks to a remarkably warm week and sudden notherly wind switch.  Winter is coming.

For a gentleman entering his 60s, my dad still runs amazingly well.  He is blessed (cursed he might say) with a small but solid frame that keeps his technique and gait 'by the book'.  An envy for me, with lanky legs and t0-be-improved-on hip stablity.  

We trotted down to the Millenium Bridge and crossed to the opposite bank where we made our way back to Tower Bridge.  All in all, only 6.2km for me but by Potter's Fields I was happy to call it a day.  The repetitive ache as my calves flex took its toll on me this week - but then again it was a high intensity week.  I dearly hope it goes away soon.

On the plus side, the motion feels natural and I'm getting better at slowing it down.  Coupled with the drills and strength training, the path ahead is well demarcated provided I get some respite from my inelastic lower legs.

I finished up with some stretches and warm down in the park, but there was certainly a pang of jealousy as I watched my father bound away, lightfooted and effortlessly.  This is just another challenge to be faced and overcome.

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Misty morning run with dad. Welcome home!
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Misty morning run with dad. Welcome home!
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jamie witton, London , UK, United Kingdom
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