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jamie witton, London , UK, United Kingdom

Fast & light ★彡

Run Free.  So Nike said back in the mid naughties.  Yes, let's all get back to nature and run with 'Chi' and in an 'anatomically correct' 'natural' style.  Do some research with the Kenyans.  But don't be fooled, you still need a £100 shoe to do that.

I'm talking about Nike's Free RN range.  A fantastic collection of 'minimal' shoes that aim to promote midsole striking and general postive chi running.  They do, I think, work for me.  But why on earth they charge more than they do for their 'engineered' comapdres beats me.  I mean, if it really is 'minimal', then charge minimal!

Anyway, rant over and I'm hoping my new pair of Nike Free RN Distance shoes will solve world peace and put a man on Mars by 2025.

If not... Nike I'm commin' for ya!

Tonights run was my first after a 5 day rest period.  Well 4 day but 4 realllyyyy restful days.  I've been stretching every morning and evening to promote the elasticity of my lower leg and it appears to be working well.  I'm also easing the distance up super slowly, as recommended.  It's not just changing the style, you need to get everything else in place at the same time to make it work

Case in point: the physio exercises for glute strength.  These are really going well.  Although I have added in a few extra ones that I found on Eric Orton's website (Born to Run coach).  You can check out his great 'running gait' vid here: 

With the new 'pillow' shoes from Nike I found myslef basically floating along.  The strain no longer appears to affect me (although my right leg is a little tighter still) and I find the movement feels natural already.  Maybe I wasn't as far away from this style as I first thought.

I've started listening to Drum & Bass on runs as this beats with 180 beats per minute, the exact cadence that is recommended for fast and light midsole running.  So High Contrast, Pendulum, Aphrodite and many other 90s classics are ringing loudly in my ears.

The evenings are drawing in and the chill is rattling through the air.  That said, I've got a great stable of gear now and going out doesn't feel like opening an airlock on ISS any longer.  I stopped at the Shadwell Basin to take this lovely night shot of Canary Wharf and the other skyscrapers on the Isle of Dogs.  Now, sleep and gym at 6:30 tomorrow. Hooray...

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Fast & light ★彡 \(^-^)/
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Fast & light ★彡
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jamie witton, London , UK, United Kingdom
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