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Navleen Kaur, Singapore , ,

Story for the time I ran a half-marathon on Diwali

3.30am : Clucking bell, I should just skip this. I am under-trained and it's Diwali for crying out loud. Wasn't a dry Diwali dinner punishment enough? You have already run 5 of these. Go back to bed. Nobody cares if you do. 

3.32am: Ughhhhhhh.. Lights on. No turning back now. 

4.30am - 5.30am: Finally en route to Marina Barrage.  Pleasantly surprised to see familiar faces. After a visit to the ladies, I was incredulously led up the Marina Barrage roundabout slope after walking for about a kilometre which I guess woke me up.  In the waiting pen (thankfully was near the first wave), dude on my right was asleep while standing. Dude on the right whipped out a ventolin and inhaled deeply. Oooookay then, feeling good, hey ho let's go. 

5.30am - 7.40am: WHYYYYYY God did I sign up for this? Mental chatter throughout: Ok just keep going. You can take a water break at 5KM. And then a shot of Clif strawberry + caffeine at 10KM. And then you can walk through the water stops for the rest of the race.  Don't stop. This song is so good. God, I love running. God, I hate running. Why didn't this dude take a shower? Gross. Where are the fucking streetlights? This view sucks. This view is amazing.... 

The first 10K was slow and steady, probably the time I took to wake my brain up. Negative splits from then on...pleasantly surprised when I caught up to the 2:15 pacers & over-took them. The rest was history with my PB for the half-marathon. 

7.40am - rest of the day: Massage, McDonalds, mayhem. 

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Newton Challenge 2016 / Half no. 6!
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Story for the time I ran a half-marathon on Diwali
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Navleen Kaur, Singapore , ,
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