Anthony Hogbin, Rhuddlan, Wales, United Kingdom

Not tomorrow - today - not today - now.

Time is running low.

It is all too easy to just look out the window and say "no, I will ride tomorrow".

As Annie would have it - however today is there - and it needs some love.

Out of shower, kit on, and heading for the door, front and rear lamps strobing - no observable difference in the light since the clock changes but OH MY the weather has changed gear. How does it know?

It is due to rain today.

If you are going to ride - riding in bad weather makes you badass right? Rule #9 or something... or is it #5 - the other being a healthy dose of W/MTFU.

Ride in. Flat enough. Next to no wind. Feels like I am riding in a crazy high gear, a disconnect between me and the pedals. Maybe I am. Maybe, and more likely the saddle is still not in the right place, along with decidedly bugger all in the fitness department.

The plan is to ride a long way home this evening. A long way is relative. With 40 being my 80 right now... anything with a hill in it is going to be a stretch. SO out from work (it should be dark AND raining by then) - and up up down down up down up down up up up up down up to the moors.... and home.

Thats the plan.

Write it down.

Share it.

Harder to ignore.

I am a mess.

It's time to take it back.

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Morning Ride
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Not tomorrow - today - not today - now.
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Anthony Hogbin, Rhuddlan, Wales, United Kingdom
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