Story for Hello Darkness my old friend...

Right then.
End of day cometh.
What a day.
I swear I left the office with more "things I must do when I arrive" than when I arrived.

Out late and into the darkness. The roads are wet, and the newly changed street lighting glimmers in the puddles and crevises.

The plan was the moors.

It must have taken me all of about five minutes to realise that my head is making rediculous demands on my feeble frame. So even before I hit the climb proper I have re routed to an hour and home.

The bleak reminder of the crematorium just along from work now behind me the cold is trying its best to say "turn at the top - it will be fine.. no one will care".

I care.

So it is on past Engine Hill, and along the Roman Road (which is surprisingly bendy given the name... maybe it was beer related?) up and up.

Huge drops fall from the trees over the road - lit like tiny crystal balls in the piercing LED lamp.

Periodically checking behind - exceptionally aware that I had not charged my lights after the last ride... concerned they would silently go out (note to self - carry a second  rear lamp for commutes / night rides).   Sure enough the delightfully unapologetic Scorpion bouncing off of Cats Eyes and signs as far as the eye could see.

Missing the turn for Spanish Hill (that I used to take to make life hard for myself) and on up to the junction. Pauding to take a picture, before descending down to Abergele - lights on full, and trying to scub off my brakes... better... much better - but I feel they have more to give still.


Today I kinda did something.

I am conflicted between "pffft its an hours ride" and "when was the last time I went, through choice, for an hours ride, after work, in the  rain and dark?".

The new bike feels a little more me. Saddle getting there. Nose down a litthe, up a little, back a little - I think more of the latter again for tomorrow. Brakes seem indifferent to rain - long live discs! I am not so sold on the juddering, and it seems my tyres are still new as they slipped on the steeper ascents. Otherwise - welcome to the new Winter Office.... to the point I stopped to take a pic : )

Every journey starts with single steps.... no matter how epic, or how small.

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Hello Darkness my old friend...
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Story for Hello Darkness my old friend...
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