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jamie witton, London , UK, United Kingdom

Midnight Runners enter the Matrix

What happens when 50+ runners turn up to Greenwich on a Friday night dressed as characters from 90s movie sensation 'The Matrix'.  This:

Photo by Máté Fülöp

As always, phenomenal efforts were made (special mention for Richard & Csilla for looking like stunt doubles of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss respectively).  I'd chosen to come as Seraph from Reloaded, as he wears nice loose fitting comfortable exercise clothes - I was onto a winner compared to full body cat suits and steel-capped boots.

(I'm on the left, Andy on the right, Jack was the amateur photographer)

As usual, the plan was 10km through the Isle of Dogs and then up the East London canals to Stratford.  5 exercise stops on the way, with matrix themed Tabata.  Naturally this involved a lot of kicks and boxercise.  We also did a squats workout to a song called "Red Pill Blue Pill", which involved going up and down according to which colour pill they said.  6 minute song.  It was painful!

Photo by Máté Fülöp

The route through Canary Wharf was the highlight.  When you run at full pace through a building atrium at 9pm on a Friday night you get some pretty odd looks from the nice people trying to enjoy a post-work cocktail.  Blue pills....

Our route:  the canals were sketchy....

After the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf we headed onto the Mile End Canal.  Headtorches were advised, but none of us realised quite how dark, and narrow, it would be.  As a result, there was some heavy concentration involved to keep everyone in a line and not falling in!  Especially since we'd all chosen to go full-faithful and wear dark glasses.  This was impractical, made apparent when I almost wiped out over a chain which was strung between two bollards (and basically acted like a 'clothes line' MMA move for my legs).

The fun part of the canals was the technical running though.  A lot of the bridges we crossed were old-school and still had the stepped concrete rungs along them for horse/human traction.  This meant descending like you do on trails, even if only briefly, which was immensely fun. 

Csilla had chosen some great songs for the playlist and it really was something to see us charge down the paths with Rage Against the Machine playing on full blast.  The residents of one boring apartment block didn't take too kindly to this, and sent their Agent Smith lookalike to move us along.  We never free a mind once it has reached a certain age....

Our desitnation was Crate Brewery in Stratford for the afterparty.  When we arrived, we did our customary warm down stretches and that's when Myles and I had an idea - what if we had a slomo fight.  Beacuse that seemed cool.  We had no idea how it would come out, but I think you can agree the results are pretty awesome, even if a little nerdy:

Photo by Máté Fülöp

So that's a Nike-sponsored Seraph fighting a very flexible Agent Smith.  In a car park.  In East London.  After having run a 10km bootcamp.  Then staying out partying until the small hours (including an impromptu 2km run between clubs at 2am).  Seriously, you can't have more fun than this, so sign up for our next one on Facebook, or check out the Midnight Runners here:

There is no spoon....

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Midnight Runners enter the Matrix
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jamie witton, London , UK, United Kingdom
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