Mirko Montanari, San Francisco, California, United States

Reno to Mendocino: Start and Day 1

After quite a while, I finally found a place to put the story of the Reno to Mendocino 2016 ride.

Note: many of the pictures and videos are mine, but some come from my fellow riders. The rule of thumb is: if the picture is nice and artsy, it's likely not one of mines.

Day 0: Getting to Reno (on a train)

Nice and early, I took the Amtrak Zephyr from Emeryville in the Easy Bay to Reno. I met Alex and Greg at the station, and chatted on the train ride.

The views from the train was already an indication of things to come! 

Greg and Alex starting to reassemble their bikes at the Reno train station.

My bike was in good shape after the short trip. I am still a little paranoid about packing the bike in that box, last time my rear derailer didn't fair that well.

Day 1: Reno to Greagle

After walking my bike through slots machines and game tables to get out of my hotel, I met the others by the start line: the Reno Arch.

The group had quite flashy colors.

I was able to start the ride by losing my tail light even before getting out of Reno. Apart from that, the ride out of the city and into California was quite smooth.

At that point, the fun really began, and I saw the first sign "Pavement Ends." It will be quite a common sight for the rest of the trip.


The group spread around during the climb, but we all met again together for a much needed lunch break about halfway through. 

There were several sections on road, but the landscapes were always great.

In Greagle we had the only bike shop that we would encouter in the whole trip. The guy there was great, and he spent most of the afternoon converting people to tubeless.


We ended the night at a campground near Greagle, were we had some bungalovs to sleep in. It was going to be the only time we were going to have a roof on our heads.

The sunset was fantastic (and please see note 1 to guess who took this picture)

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Reno to Mendocino: Start and Day 1
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Mirko Montanari, San Francisco, California, United States
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