Patrick Strahm, Biel, Bern, Switzerland

Trip Cancelled - Ride Booked

on wednesday i went for a road ride after work thinking that it’d be the first and last ride of the week. my wife and i wanted to combine a business trip with an extended weekend in amsterdam. due to illness, we had to cancel the morning of our departure. i had taken friday off and instead of going back to the office, i decided to take advantage of that vacation day for a long loop through the jura. autumn days are the best time of the year for such long hours in the saddle.

i headed out for one of my favorite climbing feasts that includes three big climbs and a bunch of smaller ones in between. all totaling up to 12'000 feet of climbing. on days like that constancy is key - to make sure to climb as well on the last climb as on the first. i think i managed my power output well. strava estimates that i averaged 223 watts over the five and a half hours i rode. on the last grinding way up to the montoz, the legs still motored up well.

in the fall one thing becomes difficult though, and that’s finding water to refill the bottle. in many villages along the way there are plenty of fountains, but the majority of them have been turned off already. i was hoping to refill my water bottle in the hamlet of souboz. while there are about a half dozen fountains within a half mile, all of them were dry. i pushed on looking for my luck in perrefitte or moutier.

when i exited moutier, i saw a large fountain at the end of a business parking lot. i immediately made a u-turn and headed straight for that fountain. while i was riding through the parking lot, an employee happened to walk my way. i asked him if he knew whether the water was safe to drink. he didn’t know.

he was holding two water bottles he had just gotten at the store and handed me one. i said it was okay, there’s a fountain. but not knowing if the water was potable, he insisted. i thanked him for the water, poured it into my water bottle and added an electrolyte tablet. later in champoz, i stopped at my refill fountain to top off. it would be much needed hydration for the last big climb.

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Trip Cancelled - Ride Booked
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Trip Cancelled - Ride Booked
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Today we were supposed to fly to Amsterdam for an extended weekend, but my wife's been sick all week and only got worse while our departure approached. We had to cancel today. With her in bed, I left for a long ride on this amazing autumn day. Legs felt great. Had trouble finding running water. Many fountains are already turned off. Found one in a parking lot of a business in Moutier. When I pulled into the parking lot, I asked a guy if he knew if the water was potable. He didn't know. Holding two water bottles he just got at the store, he handed me one. He didn't want me to drink the fountain water and insisted I take his bottle. Totally appreciated that. Topped of my water bottle later in Champoz at a "safe" fountain. More fluids were very much needed to tackle the last tall climb.
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Patrick Strahm, Biel, Bern, Switzerland