Patrick Strahm, Biel, Bern, Switzerland

Chemin Des Bûcherons

my 3 week vacation in balconia is coming to an end and what a vacation it’s been. save for a short trip to constance to meet friends who had attended eurobike, i’ve been basically out riding in sunshine every day. i would have had the time to wander the halls of eurobike myself, but having the internet throw all the news at me days before a joe blow like myself can go, i didn’t bother. ultimately, i rather ride a bike than look at them.

before my vacations started i thought of doing a ride or two a car drive outside of my cycling backyard, but in the three weeks i ended up never taking the car. i took my time in the morning with cappuccino and a healthy breakfast, then took off from home to ride many familiar trails and roads and a couple of unfamiliar ones. money saved, the environment kept a little cleaner and it’s been a fantastic 3 weeks on various of my bikes. late august and early september seem like the safest period for such a cycling vacation. the weather is amazing and often already a little chillier, with a few dog days being the tolerable exception. i’ll do that again.
to reach the schilt from la heutte there’s a hiking trail called “chemin des bûcherons”. i’ve never been on it, so i decided to check it out as a way down from the schilt. as it turns out, it’s a beautiful hiking trail not meant for bikes. if you have a downhill bike, some mad skills and a solid life insurance, go ahead, but for normalos like me it’s a place better left exploring on foot. you can hold onto the many safety chains hiking. you can’t hold onto them trying to maneuver a bike. it was a great ride nonetheless and by the end i felt the two-thousand meters climbed. or maybe it was just the broken bottom bracket dragging. yeah, that was it.

a reblog from chemin des bûcherons.

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Chemin Des Bûcherons
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Had my annual bottom bracket breakage day. I've been breaking my external BB30 cups about once a year. Going to give Chris King a try, they make such a BB now. Why did T47 not exist a couple of years ago? Checked out the Chemin des Bûcherons. Beautiful trail to hike, but far too dangerous to ride unless you have mad skills or a good life insurance.
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Patrick Strahm, Biel, Bern, Switzerland