Patrick Strahm, Biel, Bern, Switzerland

Dog Days No Dog Survives

the boiling heat of summer returned for the weekend, where one’s better off at the lake or on a lounge chair in the cooling shade than somewhere on a bike. despite a fan blowing at the bed, i had a hard time finding any sleep. so instead of turning around in bed nonstop, i got up at 4am to go turn pedals instead.

i left home in the dark with a light mounted to the handlebar with the idea to beat the scorching heat later in the day. i would have mounted the rear light as well, but discovered that the lithium-ion battery had blown up since i last used the light. fortunately, the darn thing only expanded breaking the light without actually catching fire. i need a new rear light and a fire protection bag might be a smart investment as well. lithium-ion battery tend to have the bad habit to blow up; that’s why one can no longer put them into checked luggage nor mail anything using such rechargable batteries. since i need a rear light soon, i ordered a lezyne strip drive pro rear light that kicks out an whopping 100 lumens.

from biel to orvin i rode with the light on. it was amazing how many animals are out, some more and some a little less active. birds that seem to sit on the ground, possibly resting through the night and rabbits hopping around in the cover of the night. once i popped out of the forest, it was light enough to ride without the beam of my front light. the sun hadn’t come up until i had climbed to les prés d'orvin. i reached an open spot with a good view the minutes the sun came up above the bözingenberg. i had one more big climb to do and finished it before the sun turned yellow and started to gain strength.

a lot of rather flat miles followed, sometimes out in the open but mostly under trees where the air was still refreshingly cool from the night. by about 8am i stood at the top of the chasseral. the parking at the restaurant was empty and a single camper was parked nearby.

as i flew down the road, the first cyclists came up the road. i jumped off the road for more gravel fun and met the road again in nods, where i filled up my empty water bottle. despite riding at wonderful 17 to 20 degrees, my bottle was empty by that time. a high5 tablet added the necessary electrolytes and flavor. more gravel miles across magglingen followed and by about 10am i was back home. heat avoided. no dog died.

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Beating The Heat
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Dog Days No Dog Survives
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It's supposed to really boil badly today. To avoid that, I strapped a light to the handlebar and left in the dark to be on my way already once the sun rose. Ah, the stuff you can do while on vacation.
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Patrick Strahm, Biel, Bern, Switzerland