Patrick Strahm, Biel, Bern, Switzerland

Chasseral - Chuffort - Chaumont

my back had a hard time recovering last week. the sedentary life of an 8+ hour office job isn’t exactly the ideal way to cure a stiff back. in fact, according to some studies sitting is killing us, and exercise supposedly does diddly-squat to prevent it. anyway, my back muscles hardened up whenever i sat in my office chair for a little while. each time i got out of the chair, i had to stretch and take my time before even thinking of walking around. by the time i got out of the office, my back wanted to do anything but ride.

luckily, the weather was pretty shitty, so there wasn’t a pinch of temptation to jump on a bike. the first time i saddled up was sunday. the first few miles, my back still felt a little weak, but once i climbed out of the saddle the different muscle groups started to relax and began to work in sync. in the end, i did a 76km loop and it was good.

the three capital cs - chasseral - chuffort - chaumont - are three climbs i’ve been wanting to do for a while. with my back much better but still not 100%, the loop was ideal. long, lots of climbing and all of it not too far from home.

if my back had not been up to the challenge, cutting the loop short and heading home would not have taken an awful lot of time. i rode without forcing anything, often shifted into a lower gear and kept my speed at an always comfortable pace. i enjoyed to fresh, breezy air, the clear view of the alps and the first day of my extended vacation. a great start into the holidays.

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Chasseral - Chuffort - Chaumont
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Chasseral - Chuffort - Chaumont
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I've been wanting to do those three Cs for a while. Today was the perfect day. My back still not 100% doing such a loop from home was ideal. If my back had not been up to the challenge, the way home would not have been all that long. Didn't force anything, often rode a lower gear and stayed at a comfortable pace. Also took my time to stop on occasion to snap a few photos on such a splendid day.
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Patrick Strahm, Biel, Bern, Switzerland