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Alaska - Homer Cycling

Homer, Alaska is an amazing place to visit - I was lucky enough to share the experience with a couple of great friends.  We camped in Homer and cycled out Homer Spit bike trail to Lands End.  The scenery consisted of snow-capped mountain ranges and a working fishing port vibe.  As part of the trip we enjoyed some Halibut fishing off the coast and a post-fishing dinner like no other.  If you get the chance to see Alaska, I recommend a stop in Homer!

Cruising down the spit with Jose and Jake.

Interesting nautical scenery along the trail southbound
At the end of Homer Spit, wonderful views!
One of the guests at our campground.
Halibut Fish Hook monument on the Trail out to Homer Spit.Of course we had to go fishing - its Homer!Amazing fuel for the ride, fish we caught hours earlier in the day!

Alaska - Homer Cycling
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