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Rui "Ruca" Durão, Maputo, ,

99 going on 100

The day before my 100th ride!
It has been an adventure... with highs and lows!

It all began, back in october, '15 when I got a call from my father, who lived in JHB. I was in a local park in Maputo (where I live), with my daughter and wife, having some fun.... and I recall it... it was a saturday, 24th!
He called me to let me know that he had been diagnosed with a colon and rectal cancer, stage IV. A week later I was on a plane to JHB.

Everyone who had a loved one taken by severe cancer will know how surreal and unfair the last months can be... and... it was shocking to see my own father taken on the 4th January, '16, roughly 3 months later!
My all family have a cancer history and, probably, I will follow down the same path. I am almost in my 40s, therefore I started worrying. 

That's when I made the decision of changing my sedentary way of live... yes, I would play occasionaly some futsal, or volleyball, but nothing serious. So I decided to start cycling!

Got a new basic bike in Nelspruit, together with my good friend João, who got a twin bike and we decided to start riding.

Soon enough I was being dragged to this new world of waking-up-before-5am-geting-bibs-gloves-helmets-torches-leds-tubeless-tires-hydraulic-brakes-sunglasses-etc world. 2016 a discovery year for me.

"Feeling the morning breeze, the beachside sun on your skin, daily sunrises... have been magical"

And although 2017 was a week year (due to a new professional orientation), I adapted, and I am year to stay (attached to the pedal). I, along with 9 other friends, created a club, called de 247 MTB Club.

And so, as of today, I rode my 99th Strava-logged ride. Tomorrow is my 100th. And I just wanted to share this with you!
With me and my sisters...

See you in 100 rides!

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"Welcome Duarte" Ride
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99 going on 100
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Rui "Ruca" Durão, Maputo, ,
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