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Victory Akinjomo, Erith, England, United Kingdom

The So Called Easy Ride Home

On the commute back from work I had decided I wasn't going to push too hard and I was going to have a relaxing ride as we all tell ourselves. And I did!...
...until the moment another cyclist flow by me. I wasn't going to be disrespected like that on MY territory! So I did what most people with an ego would...
...Chased him down just to prove he wasn't really that fast, caught up to him and drafted for a while and left him.

Great news right? No! 
Because I was now cycling at this pace I could no longer have a "relaxing" ride instead I was cycling to see what the maximum pain my legs could take. I went on until I got to Bostall hill then guess what? I kept going. Half way up the hill I could now really feel the pain and by the time I was three quarters of the way up I could feel my legs about to explode although for some bizarre reason I thought I was Chris Froome racing the Tour De France with Quintana on my wheels so I decided "well if my muscles rip then I'll know their limits won't I?" and 'attacked!'
Got all the way up in my saddle feeling light headed on the verge of throwing up and I couldn't feel my legs, so the last 8 minutes of the ride was kind of a blur. Got myself home with my legs now burning but the moment I got off the bike, it all just felt rewarding and worth it!

It's crazy, life will throw some things at you that at the time you'll hate and tell yourself "this isn't what I signed up for" but at the end of it, it all becomes worth it because every setback is only a setup for a greater comeback!

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Evening Ride
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The So Called Easy Ride Home
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Victory Akinjomo, Erith, England, United Kingdom
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