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brad poff, Eagan, MN, United States

Story for 'Ride to Mondovi'

Well I finally checked off a bucket list item I first wanted to do in 1992 while living in White Bear Lake, MN.  That was to ride to Mondovi, WI where I grew up.  I never got to it in spite of doing long rides in the early 90s.  Business opportunities took me to Massachusetts where I lived from 1996-2011 when LOVE brought me back to MN.  I moved back here in 2011, upgraded my bike in 2012 and started riding like I used to.  OK, so actually not like I used to.  I guess when the first number of your age is a 2 or a 3 you just plain can do things you can't when that number is a 6.  Anyway, I was doing 40-55 mile rides in the low to mid 18mph average range.  Respectable but not the 20-21 I did on a comparatively heavy steel bike compared to my carbon frame today.  

So I ramped up my riding to get ready, picked a target date and did it.  I was saving energy early on anticipating hitting the wall...literally.  The biggest climbs were at 85 and 95 miles into the ride after crossing into West central WI.  Those climbs didn't disappoint!  I think I was too conservative early in the ride since my overall average was 16.7mph  with over 3300 feet of climbing and I was hitting 20-22 in the last 10 miles without issue.  Next time ;-).

Very humbling to see the Olympic Strava Gold medal winner ride...over 10k feet of climbing, 50 miles further than I went and over 23mph average!  Doesn't seem human.

Need to start planning my next big ride!


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Ride to Mondovi
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Story for 'Ride to Mondovi'
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brad poff, Eagan, MN, United States
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