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Mark Jones, Douglasville, GA, United States

The Snake on a Saturday

  • Snake Creek Gap what can I say?  I have a hate hate relationship with this trail.  I've been all over North Georgia and this trail is usually a pain in my side.   So what do I do on a Saturday? I  go ride the Snake with my good buddy Oliver.  

Since this is the first time on the Snake with out my buddy Bryan I chose to ride in the direction I know best.   Starting from the convention center you get a steep road climb followed by a gravel climb up to the famed towers.  

In this direction there is no build up to the rocks, your just thrown into the hardest part of the trail.  What's with these ridgelines with all these huge boulders that someone decided to put a trail on.  This was Olivers first experience on the Snake and he seems to feel about it the same way I do, Hate Hate.  He was doing fine and probably made me move a little faster with him being behind me.  Most of the day went with me leading the climbs and Oliver blasting down the descents.  

I thought we were making good time until we got to a section on the second half that they were doing construction on, trails closed, detours, deep sand, cut up trees, Oliver broke a spoke.  No problem a zip tie and we were back on the move.  After that it's the long gravel climb, at least this time there was shade.  We both were starting to tire a bit and had to stop for some nutrition to get the rest of the way up. 

We finally made our our way to Dry Creek along the gravel road from hell.  In the lead up to the ride we had thought about doing an out and back but we made the smart choice and took the road back.  Again I hit my 30 plus mile stomach problems but was able to power through it. Although slower than I would have liked.  And why must my rides start and end with a Gap. Snake creek gap, Dug Creek battle gap.  Gaps gaps gaps.  Another awesome day on the bike.  I'm sure I'll find my self on that trail again soon.  

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The Snake on a Saturday
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Mark Jones, Douglasville, GA, United States
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