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Andrew Gladstone, Far Rockaway, New York, United States

Story for Zwift - Right leg, Left leg intervals almost ripped my Pelvis apart

I never take the escalator. I always run up stairs. And when the stairs are not available, I’ll run up the escalator – whether it is moving or stationary. Some people call me impatient – just let the moving staircase take you where you want to go – but I call myself efficient. Why stand in one place and move at a specified rate when I can control the acceleration with my own legs?
We have a single cup brewer in the kitchen at my workplace. People have commented on my unique coffee making style, and until they did I never thought much about it. You see, as the coffee is being brewed into my 16oz cup I am already pouring in the milk (skim), Sweet & Low and stirring. As the last drop falls into the swirling sea of mocha happiness I have the lid at the ready to cover and carry my brew back to my desk. It’s all about the efficiency.
I like to test myself on the stairs at the NYC MTA Broadway Junction station. One of the mysteries of the NYC subway system is the elaborate sets of stairs that shuttle millions of people from the tunnels to the surface and from the surface to the elevated tracks daily. I often run up the stairs (112 by my count) and try and see how far up I can get before the breathing is labored and the lactic acid is burning in my calves and thighs. It’s a good measure of how intense my cycling may have been the day/night before. It’s my personal challenge, and an efficient way of transport.
Last night I did what I thought would be a quick Zwift workout. I picked one that was about 45 minutes and seemed to give me the most bang for the buck – nine Zwift ‘segments’ that I should easily be able to score perfect on. I was wrong. I didn’t read the fine print. Five out of the nine segments were right leg, left leg intervals. The pain was immense, and the segments were far from easy. My 45-minute excursion had to be extended to 1:15 since there was no way I was getting off the trainer after 45 minutes and only 6 miles.
So this morning, I took the escalator.

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Zwift - Right leg, Left leg intervals almost ripped my Pelvis apart
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Story for Zwift - Right leg, Left leg intervals almost ripped my Pelvis apart
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What the hell do I do with the leg that is clipped out? So painful.
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Andrew Gladstone, Far Rockaway, New York, United States
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