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Andrew Gladstone, Far Rockaway, New York, United States

Story for I want to be with you night & day... Nothing changes on New Year's Day

New Year’s Day
It all began with some construction in my home in 2010. My wife, my four children (we have since added a fifth) and I were all sleeping in the living room for six weeks in the summer while our upstairs bathrooms were being remodeled. With children ranging between one and nine, lights out in the house was pretty early. While my wife welcomed this, I had always been a night owl and could not fathom being in bed for the evening at 8:30PM. So I started escaping the house on my 2010 Giant Cypress.

It was a thrilling change of pace. I grew up in a neighborhood where we all left our houses at 8AM in the summer looking for adventure on our bikes, and not returning home until after dark. It was a time and place when parents did not worry about the society around us - the neighborhood was safe, everyone knew each other, and everyone looked out for the kids. We explored every nook and cranny of the community, and each year our concentric circles grew larger as we branched further out from the epicenter. Growing up in Bay Shore, NY, that meant Brightwaters, West Islip, Brentwood, East Islip, Babylon, Deer Park and beyond. 
Until that fateful summer in 2010 I had not been on a bicycle for over 15 years. I hadn't forgotten how to ride one, but I had lost the magic feeling of exploring places that no car and no feet would ever take me. And that summer Yehoshua Marchuck and I expanded our horizons together. The concentric circles were now Far Rockaway, Lawrence, Atlantic Beach, Long Beach, Point Lookout, Island Park, Oceanside and beyond. 
That summer led us to the 2011 Five Boro Bike Tour, which we repeated (with my father as well) in 2012, while adding the Hudson Valley Bike Tour to our itinerary. 2013 was an unlucky year as a death in the family the week prior to the FBBT had us cancelling, but 2014 we were back on our bikes and expanding that circle to Northern Queens and Southern Brooklyn. In the summer of 2015 I purchased my first road bike, a Cannondale Synapse, and have not looked back since.
That set me up for 2016. Road bike at the ready I was determined to go where I never had before. And with an amazing group of local cyclists in the 5T Riders, there were more paths and destinations than I could ever imagine. Through determination and the benefit of a support group I was able to achieve and surpass my 2016 goals. That's why New Year's Day 2017 was a new chapter in my cycling life. It's become a four season sport and a 24 hour a day passion for me. Starting the year on the bike has set the tone and pitch for my 2017 goal seeking. It truly is something that I dream of night and day, and nothing changes on New Year’s Day.

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I want to be with you night & day... Nothing changes on New Year's Day
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Story for I want to be with you night & day... Nothing changes on New Year's Day
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Andrew Gladstone, Far Rockaway, New York, United States
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