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Jason Stratton, Springfield, MO, United States

Story for Walk in the park

Well hey. Just found this new Storyteller app for Strava. What a very cool enhancement and great way to elaborate on rides, races, and other outings!  Today was a recovery day and a great day for a walk in the industrial park. Sometimes you just have to move around enough to keep the muscles loose so tomorrow you can go faster. That's my reason for Strava. I race for SBC Cycling and am doing my best to balance the family life and bike racing life. They can work well together, but it's not always easy. The cycling community in Springfield is wonderful. So many awesome people riding for their own wonderful reasons. I have so much respect for all of them and am in awe of what I see my fellow cyclists accomplish from day to day. It's a great thing to be a part of.  While I love my time racing and being on two wheels I love my time with family so much more. As my kids get older I am constantly looking for ways to spend more and more time with them while I still can. Sometimes that's on the bike, sometimes hiking Ozark trails, and sometimes just hanging out at home. Strava is great for so many of these adventures and I look forward to telling their stories along the way!

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Walk in the park
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Story for Walk in the park
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Jason Stratton, Springfield, MO, United States

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