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Matěj Pilát, Jarov , Hlavní město Praha, Česká republika

Story for Rallye Sudety 2016

Rallye Sudety is one of the hardest mtb marathons in the Czech Republic. We were hanging around couple of years and in 2006 we decided to try that. Of course as a untrained boys we did that only on the kids course (36Km), after years one of our family member could not attend the race, so I did it instead of him on the 60Km course (it is about more then 1600m elevation in total). The result was a lot of pain, hunger, dehydration and crampling. But I did that in the limit (it is about 6hours). This year we have decided with my wife and we did that both till the end. It was about planning, training, proper hydration and food (I mean fueling). I did that in 4:43 and she did that about 6 hours (in the limit). We are so proud and we are looking forward to the next year. 
So what was the spice in it? We have trained together in the hills and mountains and enjoyed a lot of fun. But we have to train more and get the proper diet and fueling on the way up to our personal records. I combined it with other two disciplines, but as I have heard somewhere if you would like to ride your bike, you have to train on it. And it is true, for this kind of course you have to train at least 6.000Km yearly with different terrain, but so close to the race course. Try the fueling during the training and count with each litre of the hypotonic drinks. If you do not try all the factors as you have during the course, you will probably fail.
So this is my opinion and tip for you who would like to try some race course even it is tri, mtb or running. I am crossing fingers for all who is challenging themselves in the sports and who would like to be a better athlete. And of course who tries to build a community around and use Strava (of course) 

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Rallye Sudety 2016
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Story for Rallye Sudety 2016
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Matěj Pilát, Jarov , Hlavní město Praha, Česká republika
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